This module provides a validator which will run a few c hecks on an ABA routing transmit number (ABA RTN) just to make sure it *might* be authentic. Basically, there are a few rules in constructing a ABA number and this module will try and check to see if those rules have been applied correctly.

The ABA routing transmit number (ABA RTN) is a nine digit code used in the United States to identify a financial institution. All financial institutions in the United States will have at least one ABA RTN number. The ABA routing transmit number was created in 1910 by the American Bankers Association. The number is used by the Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire fund transfers. It is also used by the Automated Clearing House to process automated transfers, bill payments, and deposits.

The ABA RTN number can usually (but not always) be found on the bottom left-hand corner of your personal check. The last digit of the ABA number is actually called a “check digit”. It’s a crude hash of the first eight digits and provides an initial check for the numbers authenticity.

More information about the ABA routing transmit number can be found in the Book of Knowledge:


     * Rigorous Test :-)
    public void testAbaValidation() {

        // This is the ABA RTN for Wells Fargo.
        String _abaString = "121000248";

        // Try and validate the number.
        try {

            // Run the validation.
            boolean _isValid;
            _isValid = validateNumber( _abaString );

            if ( _isValid == false)
                ; // Throw error here
        } catch( AbaRouteValidationException e ) {
            ;    // Do something interesting here...

     * This method will validate an incoming ABA Routing Transmit Number.
     * @param paramAbaNumber The ABA number to be validated.
     * @return True if valid.  False if not valid.
     * @throws AbaRouteValidationException Something went *really* wrong.
    public boolean validateNumber( final String paramAbaNumber )
            throws AbaRouteValidationException {
        boolean _isValid;

        // Static call to validate.
        _isValid = AbaRouteValidator.validate( paramAbaNumber );

        // Return the result
        return ( _isValid );

The ABA Routing Transmit Number Validator is [open source] and licensed under [Apache license][apache-license].

In the end, if you _really_ like the module and want to support the author, I will be honored to accept a small donation.

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